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Adding books is as easy as on a regular Kindle: connect it to a computer, and transfer your files into the Kindle folder.Done.— APPS —There are very few apps that I was interested in their store.It has about 3-5 days of standby between charges, depending on how you use it.If you were to use it non-stop, you get about ten hours of use.This device is now the same size (but wider) as a regular i Pad [see photos].In fact, if you’re watching movies, it’s slightly larger because of the widescreen shape versus the i Pad’s squarish shape.— BACKUP KINDLE —I have a Kindle Paperwhite.Pixels per inch has increased which means everything looks sharper.

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All the digital content that you own or subscribe to can be streamed or stored on this HD 10.— SCREEN —Let’s talk about the biggest feature to arrive: a 1080p HD screen!

I use this away from home since it is a lot smaller and lighter than my laptops. The customer service both phone and chat is outstanding.2.

The Alexa set up is better than it is on the Generation 5.3.

I got the usual: Netflix and Plex to watch my other content (No Vudu, yet).

There are lots of free (in-app) games, with the occasional free gem.

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