Sexy talk in panjabi

Frank was the first guy to take my wife's pussy and she did her best not to show him any reaction and his white cock was not much bigger than mine.

My wife had concentrated while frank was having his way with her on sucking on this other guy that Frank had brought along with him.

Marcus got in a few more hard pumps before he finally pulled all the way out and stepped back.

I could hear the loud suctioning pop as his cockhead finally reappeared.

They had the bed surrounded as her bathrobe was quickly yanked off of her to expose her naked body for all of them to now stare at.

I could see Marcus grab her by her hair as he explained to her why they were here.

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One of the other guys had tried to shut my wife up by making her suck on his cock but I could still hear her muffled screaming.Her face was so red by the time Frank cummed in her pussy as I felt the relief that he was wearing a condom and hopefully this was now over.I heard the loud pop of the black cock pulling out of my wife's mouth when Frank moved back away from my wife.The other guys in the room was already undressed and starting to surround her.I could only then see small flashes of my wife struggling to open her mouth wide enough to take in each of their huge cocks.

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