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More with Doctor Bob Dittmar – wildlife vet – tomorrow.The WSFR program supports our series and funds its work through your purchase of hunting and fishing equipment and motorboat fuel. This entry was posted on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at am and is filed under Conservation, SFWR, Wildlife.I am very very busy lately and, just haven't connected it to my pc to update (this particular podcast is a subscription based podcast and doesn't auto the ipod) for about a month, and have been using my ipod speakers to charge.I have noticed that it hasn't downloeded automatically on the PC like it used to when I started itunes for awhile.Please see detailed instructions for migrating from Pod Press, TGS Podcasting Plugin and Seriously Simple Podcasting.

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So now it's up to itunes to decide when and when not to updat a podcast?Nicolas Bouliane, Personal Blog – contributed code for Please contact blubrry with the link to your tips or tutorial for Power Press and we’ll add them to the list above.This is the uncut recording from our live Fatcast on May 1.Hi, I realize audio podcasts are very 2006 but I love 'em.I do a lot of radio and it's a great way to get those interviews out to my readers. Most services out there charge extra to do simple stuff — create a blog, post MP3s to it, then generate an RSS feed that can be sent to i Tunes.

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