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Our members whether transvestites or transsexuals have an informative way to choose from tens of thousands member personal profiles to locate possible new personal friends for dating anywhere in the world.The features of this site are designed to promote a comfortable transgender dating experience for all members looking for a transsexual date or personal shemale connection.The extent to which you utilize Law Enforcement services is completely up to you and will not affect any other services you may need or want to utilize.As District Attorney Nicholas “ Nico” La Hood says, “ No one deserves to be victimized”. To obtain a protective order, the victim and the offender must be: You will be required to fill out a simple form providing information on yourself and the person you are making the complaint against (defendant).Agencies providing this service: No appointment is necessary, as people are seen on a first come first serve basis. If you cannot fill out the form, we will do it for you.In general, the process is as follows: Often victims need assistance in civil legal matters associated with separation from the perpetrator that include family matters such as divorce, child custody, protective orders and visitation as well as day to day legal issues such as contract disputes, fraud, immigration issues, bankruptcy and more.The following people may request a Protection Order.If the Order was served, and the other party assaults or threatens you, call the police immediately, (in Fargo, 911).

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A court order to protect an individual from domestic violence. Relief provided by the court may include: By filing an Application and Affidavit in Support of a Protection Order if you have recently been a victim of Domestic Violence.It provides only emergency relief and does not provide for support, counseling and attorney fees.The relief provided by the court Order may include: A full hearing must be scheduled no later than fourteen days from the date the judge signs the ex parte temporary order.This allows all members to view personal profiles and meet transgenders (t-girls), crossdressers (CD) and transsexuals (TS) for dating anywhere on earth.LVTG was designed by a number of transgenders (TG), crossdressers (CD) and shemales to offer others of this community an enhanced transsexual dating website catering to the special needs and wants of all transgender personalities.

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