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You can either take a tour and let an expert lead you to the manatees, and introduce you to one of the most lovable endangered species, or you can grab a canoe, kayak or snorkel gear and explore the park for yourself.

Great for swimming, kayaking, paddling, and manatee watching, here are 10 gorgeous springs in Florida for the nature enthusiast.

With an impressive 9 crystal clear springs, tubers can float to their heart’s content in one of Florida’s favorite spots.

If you’re the adrenaline seeking type, the park is home to Blue Hole Spring and the only place where cave diving is allowed.

Now a developed state park, Weeki Wachee attracts those looking for crystal clear water perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Combined with a water park for the kids, it’s a great spot to cool off and enjoy the fun for all ages slides that feed into Buccaneer Bay.

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