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So our conversations were limited in time and frequency, but they didn’t stop altogether. (Pardon me while I snicker…) This person was the assistant pastor of a church and behaved like a big baby.I started to lose interest, and so made myself even more unavailable. He was so used to women abandoning him that he thought he’d jump the gun and abandon me.

They eat EVERYTHING including my healthy, mommy foods.I figured as long as my son is still wearing his Thor helmet, cape, and carrying his , all is well. ) In the meantime, I’ll just hide all the pairs of scissors around my place to keep the kid from following through with his crazy idea. And before you all start pointing any fingers, let me just say there isn’t ONE single man that is a member of the church I attend… Now before you start picking apart my words and finding a loophole, let’s get to the steps. In no way do I recommend that any woman should take these steps seriously, but if you’re willing to try, who am I to stop you?He’s truly my child because I remember thinking about snipping things away back then… There’s nothing here that’s wrong in and of itself.Leave all the desperation, loneliness, and attention-seeking at home in your prayer closet. With love, sincerity, and hope for your future, Image(s): Free Digital Unless there is a defined purpose for a relationship AND that relationship is public, there is no need for us to communicate continually. Just as you seek to be comforted and entertained, the enemy seeks to destroy YOU.On a more serious note, don’t go to church looking for a boo. [quote]I’ve learned that any man that you attract by your own efforts will fall short of what you truly desire. He doesn’t care about your job, your family, or your ministry. And he will bring you a Delilah when you’re at your lowest point.

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