Black thug chat

He brought over the drinks and we cuddled together and chatted for a while. I apologised if my smoking was a concern but he said he always liked his women to smoke. Kingsley had dumped a huge load of his hot seed into my mouth but a rampant sissy fag like me was not done with him yet.

We started kissing and I stroked my red talons down his muscular body, slowly down his chest, across that perfect six pack and down to his beautiful black genitals.

"Ooh, I could use another cigarette and that glass of wine now, babe?

" He made the drinks while I sat on the edge of his bed, smoking sexily and watching his hulking, muscular frame.

I looked up adoringly at my daddy, took the head of his cock in my willing mouth and gave a cute little wink.

His cock was so long and thick that I couldn't reach his balls though. We were both in ecstasy as I sucked away on his penis, occasionally pausing to take a deep drag on my cigarette. I held the ciggie in my teeth as I wanked him roughly. All good cocksuckers know when the golden moment is about to happen.

His cock was as hard as iron now, measuring about 11 inches, I expertly estimated. I wrapped my lips around the head of his penis and stroked the shaft, desperate to taste his seed.

My man leaned in to light me and I gently placed my fingers on his big, dark hand as if to steady him. I held my cigarette high up near my face a sexy, feminine angel. " I boldly placed my hand in his and as we walked across to his room, me puffing heavily on my cigarette, my man whispering sweet compliments in my ear about how sexy I looked tonight. My fucking cock's been throbbing since I first saw that fine, sexy ass walking by." I dragged on my ciggie with one hand and let the other lower down to his crotch.

I selected a cigarette with my long red nails and placed it between my thick, pouting, cock-sucker lips. Sounds like fun." I expertly double-pumped my cigarette and blew away a huge, thick cloud of smoke.

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