Youtube dating in the dark

The winning 96 musicians onstage – including two Brits, horn player James Stephen Moffat and timpanist Owain Williams – represented more than 30 countries, from Austria to Brazil to South Korea.

When showing time on a specific scale on an axis, a timeline can be used to visualize time lapses between events, durations (such as a lifetimes or wars), and the simultaneity or overlap of spans and events.

The competition was open to anyone, anywhere, and applicants were invited to upload a clip of themselves playing.

Three thousand entered and a panel of judges whittled these down to 200 finalists which You Tube viewers then voted on.

Many had never left their home countries before while for many people in the audience it was their first time inside a concert hall.

The concert was a kind of high tech Last Night of the Proms.

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