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Beside nail hygiene, mouth hygiene tips, I would like to remind you to take care of your ear hygiene. Use cotton buds to cleanse your ears gently as it helps avoid irritation to ear skin and protect your ears against ear infections and other problems.Remember to cleanse your ears regularly but do not “dig” something too deeply inside the inner ears as it may affect your ear functioning related to deafness.

While people in their early 20s now often act more like teens, young teens often act more like children, Twenge said.Good personal hygiene practice is the first step to a better health.Daily habits such as bathing, flossing, brushing and washing your hands may look boring and monotonous, but they come under very important personal hygiene.Overall, today’s youths seem to be adopting a “slow life strategy” -- the opposite of “live fast and die young” – in a culture in which parents invest more attention in fewer children and life expectancies are longer, Twenge and her co-author conclude.Bulldog football fan Jay Jones, of Fresno, holds a beer can with a football player printed on it, in the tailgating area before the kick off of the Fresno State - Boise State game.

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