Whos dating brenda song how to get out of a dating relationship

When they’re telling you lies, it’s a clue that they’re dishonest.

When they’ve recently broken up with their ex, it’s a clue that they’re likely not over their ex which means you should be alert for subsequent clues.

Every day, people who are dating or in relationships where there’s unavailability or other issues, come up against hinting, you know indirectly or slightly indicating something.

In essence, we receive feedback and signals from the actions and words of our partners that let’s us know what’s up…if we’re listening and watching.

– Certain things have been said that you don’t like or want to believe, which you then spend copious amounts of time and energy analysing and ruminating over.You always know you’re up against hinting when: – You’re making excuses for their behaviour or are even making excuses for their excuses.– You make a lot of assumptions that you don’t sanity check and adjust accordingly.You’re also saying that you don’t trust yourself to take the hint.When you’re dealing with someone who is either conflict avoidant and/or afraid of endangering a shag/ego stroke/shoulder to lean on/money/ or even a job, they’re going to hint.

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