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It sounds like you’re going after non-bodybuilders. No disrespect toward the bodybuilding world, but this isn’t geared toward that giant monster shit. People know the difference between my going out there endorsing a product or it really being my lifestyle. I’ve certainly got a lot of sweat equity and some real money in that business. It’s growing, just taking a little more time than we wanted. But I happened to be drinking about a gallon of water a day for training, so I said, “Leave me some cases. I love working with my brothers, and I love business. So I said, “If we’re going to put it out there, then we’re going full steam ahead—we’re going to build something to pass from generation to generation.” I wanted to put rocket fuel on this, to put visibility on this restaurant that no other could have. At first the network was like, “It’s a little too obvious that you’re just doing this to build the business on television.” And I was like, “What do you think I’m doing? Are you setting yourself up for a post-acting career? We know you want to be able to build muscle and burn fat, but you don’t want to be bogged down with too much size. Which is why I would never be involved with a vodka brand, or a tequila, even if it were an opportunity to make a lot of money. I actually had no interest in being in the beverage business—it just kind of happened. I was training for , and my buddy was like, “Hey, will you please meet with this guy—he’s got this water company.” OK, fine. I’ll try it.” And I noticed I started getting out of bed a little easier, my recovery time was cut in half, and I went from running six miles a day to running eight miles a day. So then I realized that, because of the p H levels and the alkalinity, it flushes everything out, takes the lactic acid out, and helps you recover faster and hydrate quicker. But when he started getting this idea to build a Wahlburgers, I was like, “Paul, I worked way too hard to build my own brand, and I don’t want to go putting our name on a burger place. So I said, “If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it.” It’s one thing if you throw it out there and it works, and if not, no one really notices and you’re on to the next thing. I don’t just throw it out there and see if it sticks. 12/21/11 Los Angeles CA- Mark Wahlberg and family enjoying a sunny day at the park in Los Angeles CA Ref# AKM8004 Credit Byline: Dobner/Spot/AKM Images Contact Sales: Alex or Thaissa at [email protected] Office: 1 424.237.2908If you love hip hop, pop or blue-eyed soul then you might know Mark Wahlberg.However, if you are a lover of blockbuster action movies then you definitely know the man.And this month Wahlberg will launch his most personal venture yet: a “clean” supplement company called Performance Inspired. (He’s not the only big name involved—ultrafit golfer Rory Mc Ilroy is attached to the company, too.), Performance Inspired is no mere “endorse- ment” for the star. I went out with Johnny “Drama” [Alves] and Ari, because they kind of forced me to. In this post, we will save you from that possible embarrassment by informing you adequately about these important people in his life.

Outside his immediate family line, he is a distant relative of Madonna. I wanted to be able to work out, eat right, have fun, drink wine, and eat burgers. Ari [Emanuel] is our agent, and he was trying to put us together for a long time. Now this is our third movie together, and we’ve just made a deal to do another. That was fun for a couple of weeks, and then I just felt like crap. It’s fun for a couple of weeks, and then you just start feeling really bad. But right now I’m just eating whatever I want, getting ready for the movie, playing a lot of golf. With Performance Inspired, how do you win at a game in which you’re a complete rookie? We’re even talking about combining television companies: Wahl-Berg. It was over 100 degrees every day [on location] in Louisiana. When I had to sit down to put my socks on, I was like, “OK, this is bad.” We got through the movie, then [Berg] said, “I need you to get as ripped as you possibly can for the next one.” So I trained for 100 days straight for that movie. Like, the kid who’s gotta put on a little bit of weight and wants to make the football team, or has to trim down a little bit to make the baseball or the basketball team—get a little stronger, get a little faster. So this guy comes in and starts talking about electrolytes and minerals from Utah and reverse osmosis and this whole proprietary process. Back to Wahlburgers: Did you worry about diluting your brand name with another “celebrity restaurant”? " I said, “Just call it Paul’s, and I’ll finance it and help you however you want.” It just sounded bad right away. But people were gonna do it anyway, and then I was worried it wouldn’t be handled right.

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