Vb net row validating

tutorial overview, then how to get started very quickly with its usage on our C#.

NET based applications(This can be used in both desktop and web applications in the exactly same way).

Here is a simple code example to accomplish that: user Name” part, you can mention any column name you want to be validated.

NET can recognize the database as Classes/Objects, so we will need to map the database tables/stored procedures to Lin Q to SQL classes.Besides, I will also discuss about using ‘select’ query in linq to retrieve data and traverse through the query results(in case of multiple result objects).To understand this tutorial properly, You should have handy knowledge on c# and have visual studio 2008 (.Moreover, it doesn’t only applicable to manipulate database results, but it can also be used to manipulates array/list collections. NET framework 3.0 and can be used from languages supported by . The term ‘LINQ To SQL‘ refers to the technology by which we can use LINQ for access SQL Databases.Here in this tutorial, I will show step by step ways to get started with LINQ To SQL programming with C#.

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