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Last week we attended a briefing session of the National Department of Health.These briefing sessions are always interesting, specifically those requesting the supply of pharmaceutical products.Do what you can to strike a comfortable balance between convenience for legitimate customers seeking to return a product and those people seeking to defraud your business.Requiring an ID and testing it - either with UV detectors, or with an identification data capture and authentication scanner - is a nonintrusive way to strike that balance and protect your business from fraud. Overall, retailers anticipate up to 4.6% of all returns will be fraudulent.Most retail return fraud is committed using fake receipts or original receipts to return stolen items as well as returning worn or used items.

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Retail return fraud is so prevalent that some retailers (about 7%) have adopted policies requiring customers returning merchandise to present a valid ID.

We believe that validation of ID documents at the return counter during your return transactions will immediately decrease the number of fraudulent returns experienced in your stores. If an ID is discovered to be a fake, the return would simply be denied.

All it would take is the installation of a machine that validates ID documents and a change in your return policy to require the employees working the returns counter to validate ID's with every return.

The first of these is to use our award-winning line of UV Counterfeit Detectors, together with our recently updated UV DL Guide Book.

This low-cost solution enables store level employees to confirm that driver license documents presented as identification do, in fact, contain the security features designed into them by the different states.

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