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The expression for video formats is: Now, run the application and see the output.When you upload an invalid file it will immediately give the validation error message indicating an invalid file format.Regular Expression to validate video file formats Here my need is to validate a file for only video formats, so that the user is able to upload the file in the valid video formats. Net application that contains a file upload control and with a regular expression validation control.

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This feature kind of a no-brainer thing thanks to built-in ASP. Then I just put the mouse cursor inside another text input field and see what happened : Just what we needed.

It comes with a powerful routing engine, which extends the standard ASP.

NET routing module to provide a much more flexible way to define search optimized routes, and a complete set of classes that make customizing the entire routing infrastructure very easy.

It will automatically validate the extension of the uploaded file before the page is posted back.

Here I will show you regular expressions for various file formats to validate a file upload.

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