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All the Java Stream API interfaces and classes are in the method returns a new Spliterator that manages a subset of the elements of the original Spliterator.

Java Stream API operations that returns a new Stream are called intermediate operations.

Since the data is on-demand, it’s not possible to reuse the same stream multiple times.

Java 8 Stream support sequential as well as parallel processing, parallel processing can be very helpful in achieving high performance for large collections.

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Java Streams are consumable, so there is no way to create a reference to stream for future usage.Stelco’s trips into and out of creditor protection helped it strike a deal with Bedrock and the Ontario government that “we believe has significantly lowered our exposure to unforeseen historic environmental issues” at its two Ontario mills in Nanticoke and Hamilton, according to the prospectus.Stelco still employs about 2,200 workers who supply the construction, auto and energy industries in Canada and the United States.Most of the times, these operations are lazy in nature, so they start producing new stream elements and send it to the next operation.Intermediate operations are never the final result producing operations.

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