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Omg, so as it would turn out Jason definitely didn’t drown (well, we know that, but still) he was trying to run away from Riverdale with his sweetheart, Polly Cooper.

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She won’t, however, tolerate anyone trampling on her and her kin. Jughead is our story’s narrator and initially pretty miffed at his BFF Archie for cancelling on their 4th of July roadtrip. The good news is that FP didn’t do it, he was framed and playing along with the accusation in order to protect Jughead from any harm from the Blossoms. Get closer, though, and you start seeing the shadows underneath..." is a 2017 television series aired on The CW, based upon the Archie Comics franchise. Plus, any and all clips you may watch in your spare time are cute Bughead moments, let's be real.Cheryl claimed Jason toppled off a boat and drowned in Sweetwater River, but Kevin Keller and Moose Mason discover his body with a bullet wound in his head. On July 4th he overheard a gunshot while he was hooking up with his music teacher, Miss Grundy, and didn’t say anything about it because...well, he was hooking up with his teacher. He just wants to be taken seriously as a musician despite having just picked up an acoustic guitar last week.So jk, guys, Jason Blossom was def killed by someone. Later on he dates Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats for a hot sec. Naturally, his dad Luke Perry wants him to stick with football and work at his construction company some day. Look, man, Betty is under constant pressure to be perfect; she’s a straight A student, she keeps the school’s newspaper running, and she wants to solve Jason Blossom’s murder.

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    He appears briefly in flashbacks in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, as well as in a scene from the extended edition of The Two Towers.