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Lofting’s work has always stayed with me on that level—his sense of creativity, mystery and humor. I used to sit in the back of the library as a nine-year old boy, captivated by Hugh Lofting’s imaginative world. Perhaps more importantly, they sparked my imagination about what be, as opposed to what was.The existence of God and the validity of the story of Christ were less important than the overall message.I think when the crushing weigh of divorce hit and my experiences weren't fitting into my worldview..I think this book allowed me to reshape my previous perspective (since childhood) into a more mature, more informed philosophy. When man is born, the human race as well as the individual, he is thrown out of a situation which was definite, as definite as the instincts, into a situation which is indefinite, uncertain and open.The book that opened my eyes to everything was actually the 2nd Mystery Method book, I think it was called Revelations or something like that.I was clueless as to social dynamics before I read that book, and it made me view the world in a completely different way.It's not one of the big name pua books but for whatever reason, it was the first one I read.Something just clicked at that point and it had ramifications all throughout my life. I have always been right wing, even as a young kid, but that book instilled in me a libertarian streak and solidified exactly why it was that government is as bad as we say it is. Fashion and Style Lounge Social Circle Game My Blog On Attractive "Female Friends" Team Beard Team Skinny Girls with Pretty Faces PMs Welcome - 48 Laws of Power: gave a glance into the harshness of reality - Gorilla Mindset: how to maintain a positive attitude to things that come your way (be it women, work, other goals, etc), really gave me the mindset of abundance (which not only applies to women but to other areas of life too) - 7 Habits of Effective People: only read the first 3 chapters since it's based on how to structure yourself internally, has some great actionable plans that you can easily implement to make your actions more effective - Letters from a Stoic: really solidified most of my other readings and redpill thinking, particularly enjoyed Letter XLI, a must-read for all men Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), a great book on putting your money to work for you.

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Two days later I had read it and wrote all the pick up lines down on my Iphone notes.

The second book that changed my life, in a more profound way is The Game.

It was less than a year ago at the start of the fall semester, I was sitting in the library preparing for my classes as usual.

For me, my life has been changed significantly over time from multiple books, each contributing a little to the change.

Rather than list all of them here (many are already mentioned in this thread in any case) I'll just give the most recent one: James Hollis The title sounds depressing, and it may appear to only be relevant to men in middle age, but I believe it has value for men of any age.

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