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That doesn’t mean she’ll be suddenly able to sleep comfortably in a house with three small furry animals, but there’s nothing wrong with giving someone allergy medicine for an allergy attack. Tiny house dilemma: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 18 months and moved in together about five months ago. He’s always been interested in sustainability and environmental issues.Recently, he’s become interested in the tiny house movement, and we’ve now had a few conversations about moving somewhere rural and off-grid.We’ve been talking daily and getting to know each other. Typically, those discussions happen once sex is happening, but that won’t happen for us for at least another eight months.Or should I tell him now in case it’s a deal breaker?

A: Seat belts do not cause more injuries than they prevent. You can show your friends any number of studies or reports on how many lives are saved each year by properly wearing seat belts; if you’re anxious about bringing up a personal story and making yourself unnecessarily vulnerable, you can simply stick to the facts. This probably means 1) fewer sex-only relationships, and 2) taking things quite slowly.

It’s extremely possible I’ve been brainwashed by fan fiction and rom-coms. One said her fiancé never wears his, while another stated he never wears one.

Both expressed the belief that seat belts cause more injuries than they prevent. I’m happily married and dated a couple of other guys before I met my husband.

I realized nothing was worth staying in that relationship for, so I ended it and resigned myself to the fact that I would be single forever.

Now there’s a guy I’ve been friends with that has been pursuing me since finding out I’m single. I’m nowhere near ready to date and it’s perfect because he’s living out of state now and won’t be back in my area for another eight months. Do I let the long-distance relationship develop and tell him once we actually can be together?

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