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There's no exact number at this point, but GOP officials said the amount of debates would ideally be around half of the record 20 it held last year.

That's also what the five-member task force appointed by Priebus to perform a so-called "autopsy report" on the party recommended back in March.

That’s a signal for Buzz Feed to go ahead and release and publish all 35 pages. And Tom Foley, the Speaker of the House — Democrat — at time, said, ‘Well, the seriousness of this charge, even though there’s no evidence, mandates that we conduct an investigation.’ And it’s the same thing here. Trump did not mince words with CNN’s Jim Acosta on the subject during a press conference in New York.

And Buzz Feed does so while telling everybody that none of it has been verified.”The conservative said that media outlets have been trying since before Election Day to verify the reports, but held off because “not a single shred” of evidence warranted coverage. Tapper tried to distance CNN from any connection with Buzz Feed on Wednesday by saying Buzz Feed’s reporting was “irresponsible.”“I can understand why President-elect Trump would be upset about that,” the CNN host said. It is why we did not publish it and why we did not detail anything specific from it. We’re in the business of sussing out what is true and what is false.”Mr. He called the network a “terrible organization” and “fake news” before accepting questions from other reporters.“I think it was disgraceful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out,” Mr.

And when Priebus gave a fiery speech to a crowd of delegates, officials, and state party chairs here on Friday morning before the eventual vote, he received multiple standing ovations.The university hasn’t weighed in on the matter publicly.It is significant that CNN’s smear vehicle is written by Andrew Kaczynski, formerly of Buzz Feed, the cat video-loving so-called media outlet run by Ben Smith, a gossip-loving left-wing former reporter. The attorney who has weighed in on this case is Lynn Chu, a member of the New York State Bar who earned her juris doctor degree from the University of Chicago in 1982.Talking to reporters on Thursday in Boston, RNC Chair Reince Priebus said referred to the primary debate calendar — which contained 20 debates — as a "disaster" and "traveling circus." "We're going to have to control the debate calendar, the frequency, the moderators, and the length of the primary," Priebus said.It's part of the RNC's desire to shorten the overall primary process, including possibly moving up the Republican National Convention to June — something neither party has done since the 1940s.

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