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The app uses a combination of your Facebook profile, a two-line description and your location to give you a random sampling of the men in your area.

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However – if you disclose information regarding a serious crime (such as terrorism) or about a child who may be at risk of harm, the law may require us to breach your confidentiality.

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I know it is too late to request this, but I would like to request you to please release a continuation of this series. How about the love story Hye Mi & Samdong during the years before 20. I love this drama it may also help you find uyour dream and how to never give up hope it's a wonderful drama and i love all the characters it' so fantastic. this drama is the start of both kim soo hyun and suzy to become popular. i started liking iu from this drama (i'm still I have just began this drama, that great, but, for me, Ko Hye Mi is not at all moving... way to stick up for yourself: D i can't wait to see who hey mi gets with though. it shows us the unfairness and obstacles that we face becoming a trainee of an entertainment company before debuting. Though I like the plot of this drama so fair, but acting is in need of some improvement especially the guys.