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For example, someone with a previous shoulder injury performs the same workout as another participant with an ankle injury.Granted, good teachers are quick to provide progressions and regressions for individual cases, but it's often difficult to address each unique situation.The group atmosphere makes individual coaching hard to come by.The constant "go hard" mentality can also set a lifter back rather than helping him progress.Instructors also have a knack for pushing you harder than you'd normally push yourself.However, for every benefit, there are also some negatives to be aware of.Download the Sportsetter app and enter code MFWORKOUT for a free pass to lots of local sports and fitness activities.

Since a group workout is, by its very nature, written for everyone (read: not just you), it may fail to address individual differences or weaknesses.The motivational benefit of having a crowd of other bodies sweating next to you also has some downsides.With larger class sizes, it becomes difficult for instructors to watch and critique individual performance.Eventually, participants may find themselves feeling listless and lacking motivation.To prevent overtraining, avoid relying solely on group fitness classes as your only method of training.

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