Paying for adult video chat by checking account

I am really curious to see how this all plays out in a few years. I am overwhelmed and grateful for your support and positive comments from my last blog post. I hope I can keep bringing you new videos as long as possible. I need to find another way to make a living, as this is no longer cutting it.

How many companies will be left still producing content. In the meantime I will do what I can but its just going to be less and less. Anyway Thanks again for all your support, I will check in here and there and let ya know what's happening. I stopped taking a paycheck months ago and I have been living off my savings which is damn near gone now. I had a great run for many years, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. JB No not the Who song :-) The lovely Lily Jordan that is!

This makes the most sense to me because then I am not obligated to do 3 updates every week and the site can still stay up for people to use. I just hope I can stretch it out that long, but it may have to be sooner. I want to say thanks for all the positive feedback from my last post. I will continue for as long as possible and I hope that will be a while. We did another Foot one (shown) and a stocking one. Then we started doing 3 updates a week and I should have raised them then but I didn't.

In any event I will see if I can keep up with 3 a week but it probably won't be every week that's for sure. In the meantime here is a pic of Emma Hix who I worked with a couple weeks ago. But now things have gotten a bit tricky around here and I need to either raise the prices or produce less content. So the monthly will go up 10.00 and the credits packages about 5 each (1/2 of that for premium members). I know I have competitors although arguably they are not doing the same quality of work or at least most of them, but thats the whole problem. Sorry I missed a week or so here, I was in LA shooting more videos and stuff.

I do have a few clips that will be released of the last few live shows we did as well as some lost footage of Ms Arielle Sweet that never got released but these will be released over the next couple months or so. I did in fact close down the studio last month and I wound up shooting a bit more beforehand so there will be more updates for another couple months or so. Do you like this idea or do you prefer the regular PH?

I may also add some of the old old videos to the site at some point but not sure when that will be if at all. You may have noticed that the last update was suppsoed to be a PH video and it was actually a stocking one mislabeled. I think I have enough to go thru September actually. I have already ordered some of these tights but not in this color as I couldn't find em.

It is hard to find quality content of this type but it appears that for the masses, like most other things it doesn't matter to them all that much. and really I can't blame anyone for that, but it just sucks for me and really for the whole adult industry, believe me I'm not the only one struggling over here! Hey everybody, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope you had a great turkey day! The bottom line is I am going to have to hang it up or at least as a full time endeavor. We did this pantyhose one as well as a stocking one. Have a great time and hopefully a 3 day weekend as well. Its still in the works but I am hoping to try it out in a few weeks. As some of you suggested I HAVE tried shooting less porn stars and more amateurs and I have tried clips 4 sale and it doesn't do anything for me. I have really gotten things overall dialed in pretty good these days production wise, I built out a nice studio last year that I like, which by the way the only reason I was able to make that happen was because I sold my house and loaned money to the company. In any event please note that I am leaving the site up, as well as the DVD site for at least a couple years or until they stop making money completely. Once again I want to thank all of you for your support over the years! This is also why I discontinued the recurring option a few months ago. I hope you all understand and I thank all of you once again for your support over the years, it's been a great run! JB Hey guys I worked with this girl a few weeks ago. We only shot 1 quick foot video because she wasn't really feeling well that day. BUT I know that some of you like that, so in the name of variety I hired her. or just on this site anyay :-) Well here's another hot girl I worked with a couple weeks ago. I will most likely start to go thru some of the old content and post it up periodically but I can't say when that will be. I will be leaving the site active so don't worry you can still join or buy credits etc. I am kind of on the fence about bringing her back, the nose ring bugs me a little. I was also pleasantly surprised because she knows what to do and did a great job on this stocking one as well as a PH one we did.

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