Open office not updating

Version 4.1.4 was due to arrive in the first quarter of 2017, meaning it will be about a month and a half late if it lands mid-May.On the subject of the mystery security fixes mentioned in January, Jagielski insists it's normal that sensitive details are withheld from public versions of the PMC board's meeting minutes.Apache Open Office 4.1.3 – the latest available version, and released in October – contains at least one undisclosed and so-far unpatched security issue: this is mentioned but not explained in the minutes of a meeting of the Apache Foundation Board of Directors in January.As of Wednesday this week, the board minutes included the following line, explaining that the, now late, Open Office 4.1.4 release will patch one or more mysterious vulnerabilities: However, a day later, while The Register was investigating the state of Open Office, someone within the software foundation got wise to our probe, and modified the meeting minutes – quietly removing this reference to security problems in Open Office.Apache Open Office, sized for euthanasia by one of its own last year, still lives and should see an update before the end of May, allegedly.The open-source productivity suite has been referred to as "a shambling corpse" by those appalled at its languid update schedule and those skeptical that its skeleton crew of volunteers can keep it animated.Of course, not all of Open Office's functionality can be represented by controls in the Sidebar.If you need an advanced function then just click on the "more options" button in the title bar of a panel to open a dialog with many more options and properties.

Jim Jagielski, a member of the Apache Open Office Project Management Committee, dismissed talk of the death of the productivity suite as "typical FUD that is spread by the 'usual suspects.'" We take that to mean those who prefer competing software, such as Libre Office, or who have expressed concern about Open Office's ongoing viability.We're not only programmers, but are a community of testers, UI designers, web designers, technical writers, accessibility experts, translators, social media experts, etc. More information can be found on our Get Involved page.The Sidebar is a major new feature of the user interface in all of the Open Office applications.You can read the details of these later in these Release Notes.One other thing that you will notice immediately, on this page, our website and in other places, is our new logo.

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