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The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Sorting which wasn't handled.

The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Deleting which wasn't handled. When I say manually databinding I mean not using a data source control specified as a Data Source ID, but rather setting the Grid View’s Data Source equal to the appropriate data object and calling Data Bind. NET 2.0 are familiar with how to deal with this, but since ASP.

When the Bound Field is in Edit mode, things are a little different.

For this example, the Item Template would be transformed into a Literal control, and the Edit Item Template would be transformed into a Literal control, a Text Box, and a Literal control (the literal controls would include the spacing between the Edit Item Template tags and the Text Box tags).

At that point we need to get the new values so we can update the record, which is done slightly differently for the Bound Field and the Template Field.

For the Bound Field, we don’t know the ID of the Text Box since it’s autogenerated by the Bound Field, so we obtain a reference to it by getting the first control in the appropriate cell in the edited row.

After specifying the query, we add the appropriate sorting. When you bind a Grid View through a Data Source ID, the Grid View will update this value since it is internally tracking the sort expression, so it knows when to switch between ascending and descending.

We can implement it in this way without a performance impact because the data is not actually retrieved from the database until required, so we can build up a chain of queries up to that point and only the end result will be pulled from the database. When manually databinding the Grid View, this will always show ascending, so we need to handle this manually with the following logic: After that we save the new Sort Expression.

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