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Do you work out like crazy, but can’t get rid of that soft belly fat?

Elle Russ is the author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast.

When you have the up-and-down of either hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic because of a bad diet, that’s a stress response. When I used to overeat, my body had to deal with inflammation and the stress, so it shut down the fat-burning hormone to address those issues.Going Primal or Wild is absolutely the ultimate in blood glucose management and stability. When it senses low thyroid, it triggers the thyroid gland to produce more.But one of three things can happen: (1) The brain can send the signal, but the thyroid doesn’t respond. (We’ll get to that in a second.) The primal lifestyle is what optimizes hormone metabolism. The thyroid is the master gland, and it’s also responsible for male and female sex hormones. With women, symptoms usually manifest as gynecological issues, miscarriages, and things like that.Get both because you can have one and not the other. And if they test TSH without the other ones, that’s a problem. I was college educated and was taught to question doctors and get other opinions.After the 15th opinion and no doctor being able to help or testing correctly, I suffered two years and spent six years of my life at home crying, feeling bloated and fat, hair falling out, and had gynecological issues.

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