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build On’s schools are transforming both children and adults in Nepal with gender-equal primary classrooms and Adult Literacy Programs that offer health, literacy and community development instruction to parents.Publishing History: This report was published by the Institute of Nepal and Asian Studies, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Nepal in 1978.

From the outset there was the limitation of the project in terms of time and staff.

By visiting literacy centers we hoped to acquaint ourselves with how these policies were implemented and what the problems were.

Visiting centers to meet adult students and their teachers and conducting interviews and tests with them would acquaint us with their achievements and failure.

Terms like 'literacy', 'adult literacy', and 'adult education' have been used as synonymous unless when specified. Abbreviations used in the report are as follows: AES: Adult Education Section, Ministry of Education, His Majesty's Government, Nepal. It also required field studies to acquaint ourselves with the implementation of the policies adopted and formulated by the AES, with the various teaching methods, materials, training of teachers, the qualitative and quantitative progress of the participants in terms of their number and their abilities to read and write, and finally, with the social and economic changes brought about by the achievement of literacy among the participants.

DEO: District Education Office/Officer, Ministry of Education, His Majesty's Government, Nepal. LEP: Literacy Extension Programme run by His Majesty's Government, Nepal. It was also hoped that these enquiries would eventually lead to determining the level at which a person could be called literate in the Nepalese context, and how far existing programs seemed to achieve this level.

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