Ms project start date not updating

You can right-click on any cell and select View History to see previous values that were saved within it.This can be helpful in reviewing your original schedule to see where the timeline may have "slipped".I really like using 1 level deep sub-tasks for granular task assignments/actions that need to be completed.

This will also push out the End dates of any dependent tasks automatically.I tried not entering any dates for the parent and just using sub-task dates, but then the parent "roll up" task doesn't show up on the timeline view.It would be nice if Wrike could have a check box at the parent task level next to the date picker that says "rollup from subtasks" or something like that.Dragging from either end of the task bar will extend the Duration to a new Start or End date.Back to top Parent (summary) rows will always reflect duration in partial working days.

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