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A new engineering college, called the California Institute of Robotics will be opening soon! This college sounds like it is a college that WE WOULD WANT TO ATTEND.

This new college, with it's emphasis on robotics, will open its doors for business in Summer of this year. It starts with robotics and artificial intelligence and goes on to animatronics and mechatronics and continues through medical and automotive robotics.

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” For an opening line that’s a little forward, but that’s what the sex robot I met in a workshop at the Barcelona home of sex tech engineer Dr Sergi Santos said when I first "met" her.

Now it's really not fair to compare events, but except for Prof Martin Mason's "Robot Throwdown" (Those robot wars/ battlebot types of competitions are ALWAYS a LOT of FUN to watch! Read All About it: My EZ Robot Board V4 Has Arrived! ____________________________________________________ This is the August issue of Robots and Androids! It's been in the high nineties with a lot of humidity. And stop on by his online store to get robot tees, "floppy bots" and more!

) I really enjoyed the MMF a whole lot better than the the Socal Maker Con. ____________________________________________________August is here in S. It actually rained today for the first time in months. ____________________________________________________ This is the July issue of Robots and Androids! I just got back from a much needed vacation to the Grand Canyon and Aspen Colorado.

Dr Sergi has also put sensors under the skin so she reacts to touch.

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It seems customers want their sex robots to have, shall we say, exaggerated figures.

In July 2016 in Florida a Tesla Model S with the Autopilot failed to see what most sober people would most likely see, a "big rig", a semi, an articulated truck blocking its path. Perhaps using customers as beta testers was not such a good idea. Now, I'm not talking about Bill Gates or Elon Musk, I mean common everyday people are afraid. Humanoid robots, Atlas included, are clinking, clunky, toddling, oversized remote controlled TOYS. Death is only inches and a buggy (no pun intended) program away. Still it will be a decade before it or any other robot car (or "driverless car" if you must) is on sale at a showroom near you. Please welcome Old ETC who is now writing for Robots and Androids.

Perhaps allowing a robot the freedom to kill a human, accidentally or otherwise might not be such a good idea. Each week he will bring you his take on robotics' electronics, mechanics, sensors, microcontrollers, AI software, computer vision, and more.

He claims that the technology he’s putting into sex dolls allows them to "learn" what the customers want and like, ultimately build a relationship.

The robots are still pretty basic, they don’t have facial expressions, their mouths don’t move when they speak.

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