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His mild manners and soft-spoken courteousness placed him above suspicion, and to most people he appeared to be totally harmless.Yet his bourgeois exterior concealed one of the most brutal sadists of modern times...The man insisted and it was while they were arguing that a second man appeared, as if from nowhere, and inquired softly: “Is everything all right?” The man from the railway station slunk away and Maria Budlick was left alone with her rescuer.Louise stopped and turned as a gentle voice said: Louise took the man’s money and ran back towards the fairground.Quietly, the man picked up Gertrude in his arms and carried her behind the beanpoles.Tired and hungry, she agreed to accompany him to his one-room flat in Mettmannerstrasse, where she had a glass of milk and a ham sandwich.The man offered to take her to the hostel, but after a tram ride to the north-eastern edge of the city, she realized they were walking deeper and deeper into the Grafenburg Woods. ” “No,” gasped Maria, and in one word saved her own life and signed the death warrant of the Düsseldorf Vampire.

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Thank goodness we’re not in Düsseldorf.” A few weeks later, Maria Budlick lost her job.Children were plucked from playgrounds and sent to bed. The people were in dread of a creature – a vampire – which had no face, no name, no shape. As the lights went out on the night of August 23, 1929, the people of Düsseldorf, in the German Rhineland, felt almost inured to horror. As they slept fitfully, they little foresaw that the next few hours would demonstrate the full bestiality of the man they had labelled The Düsseldorf Vampire.Already, it had committed 46 violent crimes, displaying every kind of perversion. There was one bright and cheerful patch of light that evening.The man seized her in a stranglehold and started dragging her off the footpath. Suddenly, he stopped and roughly attempted sexual intercourse. She felt searing pains in her neck and shoulder and a terrific thrust in the back.Terrified, Gertrude Schulte pushed him away and screamed, “I’d rather die! “Now you can die” said the man and hurled her away with such force that the knife broke and the blade was left sticking in her back. A passer-by heard her screams and called the police and an ambulance. In barely more than half a day, the Düsseldorf maniac had killed two children and attempted to rape and kill another woman.

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