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In order to understand why Michael didn’t fire this man (at least earlier than he did) we need to recall the style of Tohme’s management as it was described by Michael Jackson to June Gatlin: MICHAEL JACKSON’s former spiritual advisor has come forward with new taped conversations in which the King of Pop revealed he was terrified of his chief aide, Dr. The mysterious Tohme appeared to be in charge of Jackson’s affairs in recent years and is believed to be the mastermind behind the late pop superstar’s ill-fated comeback shows in London.

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But the attachment to the contract (Exhibit A) explains to the naive us that production costs will be deducted from compensation to who will cover the expenses too (irrespective of who initially provided the money – even if they lent the money to you they took it back).Thus by a change in a mere couple of words in its attachment to contract AEG placed the production costs, Even Michael’s insurance was used by AEG as a tool to let Tohme sneak into a deal between AEG and Michael Jackson.The cancellation (medical) insurance of the Artist was one of the main conditions of the contract and the attachment said that as soon as the insurance was obtained, payments to Tohme were to start.Gatlin says, He had taken over Michael’s complete life.” The advisor has handed over the tapes she recorded of phone conversations with Jackson in September 2008 to NBC News in America.On the tapes, the King of Pop can be heard telling Gatlin, Jackson severed ties with Tohme in May (09) after learning his manager had threatened the boss of a California auction house over memorabilia items that were set to go under the hammer.

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