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Usually these online escorts will try and charge you a lot hoping foreign men don’t know the real price and might think 1 million rupiah is a good deal. While Indonesia is a Muslim country and many of the women are very conservative, they definitely aren’t all that conservative.In fact we ranked this country as one of the 3 easiest places for foreign men to meet girls for sex online.

A handjob happy ending can probably be had for around 100k, with a blowjob 200-300k extra and sex being in the 500k range.

You can head to this area at night and you will find some hookers but not a ton.

Again over time the scene will end up feeling small, but if you are on a short visit it will be the best place to go.

Prices are impossible to pin down because these girls are all freelancers.

Under 500k rupiah (1.3 million rupiah is equal to 0 USD) should get you almost any girl here, but some of the hottest may hold out for more. You can find men’s spas for erotic massage all around Southeast Asia and there are some here as well.

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