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Also, he likes sports," she previously shared with .In March before filming began, Lindsay admitted to feeling pressure from the African-American community to gift her final rose to a black suitor.But her thoughts had slightly shifted after she finished filming.She told that pressure "was something I wanted to get over before I entered my own season." To do so, she gave herself an internal pep talk: "I was just like, ' You know what? I’m the one who has to love and spend the rest of my life with this person, if I’m lucky to find that one.“I was watching Bruce Springsteen perform from 30 feet away on my fourth day,” she said in a 2015 SNL producer Lindsay Shookus for our #Portraits Of Power by @thekateowen.“Power is about strength and honesty and feeling good about who you are at the end of the night,” the Emmy Award winner says.

Viewers will likely watch more discussions of race unfold onscreen, as she also stressed how important it was for her to bring up those conversations once she was going to walk into someone’s home or vice versa.

contestants addressed the pressures of interracial dating on this week's episode, and the conversations did not go how many viewers — or star Rachel Lindsay — might have expected.

More than one of the men competing for Lindsay's heart unveiled his personal dating history with women of color, engaging in an open discussion of when and how they should tell Lindsay, the first black Bachelorette in the show's history. "But growing up where I grew up, especially in high school, there weren't a lot of black girls." During his one-on-one date — which ultimately saw his elimination — he disclosed that he has mostly dated outside of his race.

“So when we’re not on the show, we’re back home with family. It’s nice to have that friendship as well.” , “I think the best is just chilling, and just hanging out and talking. So when you have time with the people you love, you just want to be with them.

She’s actually studying clinical dietetics at the University of Alabama.” .

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