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The polar opposite of the Gooders, the Best family is a progressive group of Sims who know that the only way to success is through hard work.

After a divorce between Paul and his wife, their son Evan and his family moved in to fill in the large house with their growing family.

Holly only knows her boyfriend from the internet, and Bryce's girlfriend has a reluctance to enter a serious relationship.

The lots are neatly placed that it appears to be one long lot. Simfests are held in Starlight Shores, Magicians and Acrobats and Singers alike will find many opportunities to express their talent (or their non-talent) with lots of community lots with stages and performing areas.

These two couples are just as likely to make it as they are to the end in a bitter breakup.

A recent hacking attempt has put Addison on edge and made him question everyone's motives.

Can Addison overcome this paranoia and learn to trust again?

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