Kenya dating scene

He also linked the death of a senior election official, found strangled and tortured a week before the polls, to the alleged penetration of electoral servers.

Elections are being closely watched in East Africa’s most stable democracy, where the memory of the bloodshed that ensued after the 2007 elections, when Mr Odinga claimed victory was stolen from him, is still raw.

They decided to team up to work on a PSA about domestic violence.'We're both survivors of domestic violence and I think together, with us sharing our stories, we could make a dynamic team,' said Kenya.

On a lighter note, Cynthia met her 'date' Will for some ice cream.'I think he realizes that I like him at this point,' she smiled.'I don't know why I'm so nervous around you,' she told him.

Appearing tired and harried at a press conference, Mr Odinga, 72, alleged that hackers penetrated the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers, manipulating results as they appeared in a live stream.

He claimed that an internal tally by his party, Nasa, put him ahead of the incumbent by nearly a million votes.

Deadly violence along ethnic lines left more than 1,200 dead and 600,000 displaced.

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Ne Ne then planned her All White, Girls And Gays party with the theme of Never Forget at her mansion.'Porsha [Williams] is not invited,' said Ne Ne decisively.' Kenya added as Kim leaped to her feet to attack her.Before the soirée Shereé Whitfield had met with Kim and her husband Kroy.Porsha previously tried to organize a conciliatory chat with Ne Ne.'She needs to fix her lying tongue first,' snapped Ne Ne.'She threw Phaedra out of the bus and jumped out of the damn bus to save her own a**,' raged Ne Ne.'Porsha is on my ''don't give a f*** list'' right now,' she continued.Defiant Porsha, 36, claimed she didn't want to attend anyway.'I would rather pluck each one of my toenails out, put them in a glass of Hennessy and take them as a shot,' she announced.

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