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Well in the midst of that discussion evolved a discussion of the lack of singing prowess of one of the leads from one of the somewhat-storied and not-really-fabled singing groups from Atlanta which gave rise to the phoenix of crappy R&B singers. This is how I’ve lived my life and if you look in my life you would see what I see. Because of that effort, there have been SEVERAL high profile singers that many folks SWEAR can sing. But despite them not really being able to sing very well they have still managed to have quite successful careers…at singing. There’s no judgement here; you are entitled to like who you like. So here is a list (in no particular order) of singers that you and I both know can’t sing, who just so happen to put “singer/contractor” on their IRS forms at the beginning of the year, ya know, in those years when they’re actually paying their taxes. Thus, all these involvements played a huge role when it comes to accumulating Keith Sweat net worth.Born in 1961, Keith Sweat was raised in a family, where his father worked in a factory and his mother was a hairdresser.

One winter night at the Times Square Applebee’s in NYC in February 2003, I formally met a beautiful woman that I’d known tangentially during our time in college. Somebody mentioned Carl Thomas and she started talking about how much she loves him. In the case of Slim, he’s not only the worst singer in 112, he also cannot sing.

Keith Sweat Keith Sweat may be the Patron Saint of bad R&B singers.

And lots of people love him and will tell you that he can sing.

Also, in his family, there was 5 kids and after the death of his father, his mother raised all kids by herself.

Keith Sweat later enrolled into City College of New York, where he earned his BS in communications.

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