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GPS has also been used largely for navigation purposes while finding a location.

It’s usage and applications are becoming integrated with numerous other applications to give a user a freehand while managing applications.

Geolocation technology has become a fixture with applications that serve purposes as diverse as m Commerce, directions to places of interest, finding rental places for and even dates online.

Geolocation Security and privacy Security and privacy was and continues to remain a primary issue with most adopters of geolocation features.Many traffic control bodies are using the geofencing feature to inform drivers of roads that are less congested or free parking spaces in the vicinity they are in or direction they are headed.Social networking sites use static and dynamic aspects of geofencing to inform a user of friends who have checked into places of interest.So, if you have selected an eatery from Yelp, then you can find directions to the place on the app which will redirect you to the maps app to give voice directions for you as you walk, take the public transport or drive up to the eatery.Internet of Thing (Io T) and Geolocation Geolocation is a central aspect of Io T applications.

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