Jaden smith dating rachel

It’s really like a journey into my life – if you listen and pay attention to the lyrics. You’d have to ask them.” Do you ever feel like a misfit?

People like to hear honest things and that’s what really makes an artist. “I want it to be as big as possible, an all over the world thing.

Related: Jaden Smith’s ‘George Jeff’ Music Video Is Stunning The young actor and rapper showed off his incredible footwork by nailing the famous Jackson dance move at a recent concert.

The video begins with Jaden cruising reflectively around a city as Bruce Wayne before changing into his all-white comic book costume and hitting the streets on foot. Hold up, I'm closing the doors."You was protecting the bank.

After being drafted in the first round of the 2004 draft, Smith played 10 seasons with the team, which included a Super Bowl victory in 2009.

Smith tore his ACL in the preseason of 2013, and took a pay cut to remain on the roster, but was ultimately cut.

He was spotted riding his motorcycle in Beverly Hills wearing odd biker attire – an 80’s black overcoat, leather gloves, and no helmet.

Jaden Smith might just be the next Michael Jackson if his moonwalk is anything to go by.

Worst of all was the evening that will now be referred to as “Bieber’s botched birthday”. “I think aliens are really cool, because they exist.” He’s got proof.

The Canadian star’s 19th celebrations were scuppered when his friends were turned away from the Cirque du Soir club. And then I went to see Kanye West perform,” he says. It cut him, but yeah, he thought it was cool.”Jaden Smith believes in extraterrestrial life. On a trip to the White House with his dad (Men In Black superstar) Will, mother Jada and sister Willow, he found himself in the President’s Situation Room.

if you’re lying, you can disconnect from the story, and if you disconnect from the story then people won’t like you any more.” “Nobody was expecting Cool Tape Volume 1, so absolutely nobody is expecting Cool Tape Volume 2. You don’t even understand.” MSFt S (pronounced Misfits) is the label Jaden set up with Moises and Mateo Arias, with the designs inspired by their skating. We all really like black, so almost everything in the line is black.

, and all-around Netflix beat, for some reason I have also taken on the “Jaden Smith hair” beat. Monday night, 18-year-old Jaden Smith attended the annual Met Gala. ) and instead of clutching like, a clutch or a handbag or a wallet or literally anything else on the planet, Jaden was holding his hair. I still don’t have much of anything to say about this, but now there’s a follow-up story and we’ve learned WHY Jaden was carrying around his hair. Until next time Jaden Smith and his hair do something together!

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