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"The policemen were obliged to use force in order to arrest the suspect, who continued attacking them violently.

The suspect refused to identify himself and attacked the policemen, one of whom was bitten.

“I left my seat, but then I heard a barrage of fire.

There was a smell of blood and fire.” The two men put Ofir’s body in the trunk of another car and drove off, Mona said. Mona, who is charged with voluntary manslaughter, told a court hearing, “I am proud of myself.” Al-Qaddi is charged with murder.

Although she said she was “shocked” by the bloodshed, Mona was composed enough to join a friend for lunch and visit her sister.

Late that night, Ofir’s anxious mother, Shula, tried to contact “Sally” online to find out why her son hadn’t returned home.

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