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Fearing guilt by association, they took matters into their own hands.In the dead of night, the slaves accosted Chloe in her sleep; they dragged her from her bed, hanged her, and threw her lifeless body into the Mississippi River. Don't Recommend, but not b/c it's a difficult class, but b/c she is annoying, pompous, disrespectful, not very bright for a Berkley graduate. There are a good amount of reading assignments, so make sure you read them to keep current with the class, because there will be class participation. Very rude lady just teaching to get more credentials. She's arrogant, rude, loud, very adolescent and unprofessional. She teaches out of the book so she's easy to follow. She's mean, arrogant, and is very unclear with what she asks on tests.

I would recommend The other comments are true, believe me she is **** against those w/asian accents, picks on them and its really sad to see her make a fool of them in front of class. Don't take this class if you are shy, afraid of public speaking, not able to back up your answers with fact or not willing to read the material (she will call you on it).Francisville, Louisiana, The Myrtles Plantation appears stuck in time.Dating back to 1796, the property has survived war, multiple owners, and countless deaths.Research into the little girl's identity continues.Perhaps the most interesting hypothesis is that the apparition belongs to a young girl who died in 1868, despite the efforts of a Voodoo practitioner to save her.

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