Informationstatistics on dating violence

The Center contains a collection of books, videos, journals and other media on the subjects of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, violence prevention, nonprofit management, program development, fund development, medical and legal response to violence against women, public policy, advocacy and more.

The Center loans these materials and also offers a reference service and technical assistance to patrons looking for information, statistics, and best practices on issues of violence against women Documentation of state's administration of the Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Act (Public Act 389, 1978).

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The American Bar Association presents a public education brochure entitled "Safety Tips for You and Your Family." The brochure offers safety tips for victims of family violence.

The safety tips cover what to do in an emergency, how to protect oneself at home and outside the home, how to be safer at work, and how to make the children safer Website of the Michigan Resource Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence.

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