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MJ and I went into the living room to watch TV and we snuggled together on the couch.

About forty-five minutes later Dad was there with two pizzas.

You see I am independently wealthy, and have enough money to live extremely comfortably, unless something goes wrong with the economy.

I guess that really does not matter except for the fact I can support the three of us, if that is one of the deciding factors in this case that is the only reason I pointed it out.

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Written by Hard93 Let me start by saying your honor, in a few months I will graduate from high school. Although I do not think I will continue with my education not that I really need.

Dad been doing good taking care of me, but I did miss a Mom around the house. I just started preschool, I was five years old when I met the woman who is now my Mom.

That is also when I met MJ, you see MJ is Mom’s daughter. We were both five and seem to be connected at the hip whenever we were together.

Beforehand we were just friends, best friends but as soon as MJ’s hand was in mine, we were more.

It was middle of the fall that year, MJ’s Mom was a realtor, I think Dad was selling cars at the time, dad got stuck at the office and asked MJ’s Mom if she could pick me up too.

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