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The group accomplished its course objectives through in-person instruction, club visits, final assessment, expert guest speakers and webinars during the year long program. I would encourage every coach out there to be an advocate for themselves, for their personal growth.

Through open communication and peer to peer learning, Vanney found the environment to be a safe space for sharing and listening to the challenges professional coaches face every day.Along with featuring for BVB in the UEFA Champions League, Pulisic topped the 2016-17 campaign by earning the game-winning penalty kick in Dortmund’s 2-1 victory against Eintracht Frankfurt in the DFB-Pokal Final on May 27. Pulisic has continued to be one of Dortmund’s most influential players this season. To listen to their experiences and to have guys share how they went through things, how they dealt with things, what you find is that a lot of us go through very similar things.There are best principles when it comes to dealing with things and it’s great to hear and talk to guys. At each site visit, the Coach Educators observed the candidate within their performance environment structured to lead up to a competition.

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