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There is evidence that Australia may have been on a faultline due to the many dormant volcanoes throughout the country....[tags: tectonic plates, erupt, ashfall] - Volcanoes have been around for many centuries and will continue to exist for many more to come.

[tags: geological features] - Volcanoes Volcanoes are natural phenomena which are on the Earth’s surface through which molten rock and gases escape from below the surface (Tarbuck, 139).[tags: Geography ] - VOLCANOES AND THE EARTH SYSTEM EFFECTS OF VOLCANIC GASES Most of the gases in the atmosphere originally come from the Earth's interior.Gases within magma are dissolved because of high pressures beneath the earth's surface, but reduced pressure at the surface allows dissolved gases to expand and escape.Many people have their ideas of what they believe volcanoes are.Most believe that it is basically a mountain that shoots out lava, destroying anything and everything nearby. Volcanoes are considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters; they can erupt suddenly, destroying everything in its way.

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