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In the middle of the night, my geriatric dog woke me up to go outside. Since it was late and I was tired, I figured that I would just reply to him in the morning. Now it’s his turn to try to steer the subject away and he tells me that he had a crush on the Pink Ranger, but she’s married and has a kid. So I type exactly what I would have said had this happened in person: I clearly state that I’m taken aback by his comment. I start thinking to myself, well I wouldn’t care if a friend said that to me, so I explain to him that I think it’s something you’d say to a buddy. He couldn’t have said, “I’m sorry you took it as disrespectful but that wasn’t my intention.” Nope. “I totally thought I had a chance with him, but now that I know he’s gay, I don’t have a chance.” WTF, dude. I have a problem with guys treating me with disrespect. If I feel at all disrespected, I get super defensive. Looking back, I should have known we weren’t a good match. No guy who wears camo has ever been a good match for me. If you had actually read my profile, as a father of two, you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Are you just going around sending form letters to everyone on the app? I only started liking Darryl on The Walking Dead after they showed that he had a soft side. He was very nice and pleasant and we started talking again.

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You might want to keep track of who you already sent messages to. Oh, did I forget to mention that bad grammar and spelling is also a deal breaker? If that’s true then I guess I’m an exception to the rule. So when guys try to be all tough on their profiles, all I have to say is “pass”. Giving yourself the finger totally takes away the lameness of taking a selfie in your car. A couple of days later we were chatting and I told him I was on my way out to hang out with my sister for the evening.

I honestly don’t even remember what I talked about I was so put off by him. If you are interested in that individual, you put your first name and either phone number or email. He was nice, and funny, and not a child, so I thought, why not? Some people won’t date a smoker, or really short people, or people with crooked teeth, etc. If you are religious and all about church, I’m not here to stop you! And it’s not because I just “haven’t met the right kids yet”. ” These deal breakers are in no way intended to make people feel bad about themselves or their beliefs. Although, I guess it’s a good thing that they don’t because then I know early on that I don’t want to continue to interact with them!

We then switch sides and look for the paper that has the letter/number combo of the person we are interested in dating. One of the girls who was doing the speed dating was also a volunteer for the event and she put a paper out for the host (Starlord). In searching for a partner, everyone has deal breakers, whether or not they even realize it. Ok, so some people reading this would be like, “Ok, those are legit reasons” whereas others probably think “WTF is wrong with her?!?! A few days ago I saw that he visited my profile on POF. Sometimes you have to wonder if they think before speaking (or typing, for that matter).

Thinking I may have insulted him, I try to cover up my mishap by telling him that I totally had a crush on the blue Ranger. He still thinks it’s funny but gives a half hearted apology. ” Grocery Bagger: “…” At this point, I’m getting a little riled up (it’s not that hard to do, I know). Especially since he’s keeps LOLing like it’s no big deal.

We talk about what we came to the Comic Con to see and we get on the subject of Power Rangers. I tell him that I loved the original Power Rangers… No offense to you guy, if you think Power Rangers rival Shakespeare in their writing and have visual effects that rival any Michael Bay movie. Then he leans over to me and stage whispers: “Not that that would stop me.” NEXT!!!!! You’d think that if you were interested in someone and you wanted to pursue a relationship with that someone, you’d try to not be offensive.

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