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I didn’t trust this girl, there was something off about what she was saying.“Stop the car.” I said semi-aggressively to the taxi driver. The girl ran after me and I told her that I didn’t want to go somewhere I don’t know with somebody I don’t know.I arrived at the airport and my hotel had a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel so I was waiting for them to arrive. I arrived at the hotel and there was still daylight left, so I took a quick walk around.There was another guy on my flight that was also going to my hotel. I was feeling horny and wanted to meet some Cambodian girls so I got online.She had never meant to get me killed or even have guys physically rob me, she had meant to take me to that bar where they would ridiculously overcharge me for drinks and she would get a commission.I should have noticed how stone cold she was and took the hint.A dry pussy was not something I was used to, but seeing that cute girl lying naked on my bed made me push such things to the back of my mind.

“I’m going back to my hotel, I just don’t feel comfortable with you on my first night here.” I told her.

I had her tell me the spot we would meet ahead of time so I could learn more about it. I checked the prices and it was only two dollars a beer, not bad. We drank for about two hours and still something didn’t feel right about this girl, there was something cold about her. I decided to leave and try my luck at some night game with a girl I was feeling a connection with. I was on a pretty strict budget, not to mention in South East Asia I had very rarely spent over 5$ total on a date (food, transportation, etc.). They told me that I payed for the other girls drinks.

I had three beers, so I took out 6 american dollars (they use american dollars in Cambodia). I fought it for a couple of minutes, but as people started to get angrier I decided it was probably best not to get shanked over 20$. The bad vibe I had originally got from the girl made sense.

“Ok, we can talk here, but this is a dangerous place at this time of night.” She warned me.

I tried talking to her, but something didn’t feel genuine to me.

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