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Even though she doesn’t know where my father is, she behaves like a sumangali, wearing sindhoor on her forehead, wearing bangles and Mangalasutra.

She is a conservative orthodox and respectful lady. At the age of 39 she was a perfect shaped woman (Thanks to all the hard work).

thinking of mom in sex position with Rajeev made me disgusted but somewhere in the corner of my brain I found a sexiness to it. What becomes of her when she sees her own son’s life being spoiled for which she has worked so hard. Then fearing she would notice my hard on I left to my room saying ‘ enough mom, I’m sleepy now, good night’. 1- fear of Rajeev, if he gets angry due to delay and 2- out of my own lust.The pounding sound came for half an hour and stopped. I thought he had finished feasting on my sleeping mom. I just gave a look towards the room where my mom was.During that 1 hour time I waited for him to come out. Rajeev- Do you think I’m stupid to forgo 4 lakh Rupees for just 1 night? I could see her blue saree on the floor beside the bed. I kind of imagined that mom would be lying completely naked on the bed.Even I couldn’t help and was also staring at her cleavage between her Mangalasutra. I knew his intentions) I will figure something out. Since you depend on your son to repay the amount I believe he is the man of the house now. Saying this he gestured me to step out of the house and waited near the gate of our house. I’m willing to let go the Debt for a few private moments with your mom. call me when you have decided otherwise I will be left with no other alternative but to ruin your future. I was in a great shock and stood there for a minute holding the gate. I didn’t know what to do, then suddenly it occurred to me to Put Sleeping pills in her food and put her to sleep when Rajeev comes so that I don’t have to explain anything to hurt my mom’s feelings. I decided this was the best course of action to this scenario. Mom- son, its 8 why don’t you come out for dinner, you haven’t had your lunch also. saying this I went out and sat at the dining table. (she said this in a sweet tone without knowing that her own son is planning a sex for his mother) Me- Nothing like that mom, just a little headache (I told a random lie) Mom- wait son, I will get a cream to apply to your head (she said worryingly) by the time I finished my dinner on the table she brought the cream and started applying to my forehead from behind. Then the thoughts started running in my mind- that those breasts I fed upon when I was a baby are going to be squeezed and sucked by Rajeev without mom even knowing it.I was wondering what he could tell me and looked at my mom in confusion. I stepped outside and went to him as my mom went inside. I didn’t want to hurt my Padma’s feelings anymore that’s why I had to say something. I’m not a fool to miss this opportunity and I don’t think you are a fool either. Me – (I kind of had an idea where he was heading and dumbly asked this question anyway. Rajeev- don’t act dumb kid, I want some intimate moments with your mother. We can use this situation to mutually benefit each other. I didn’t know what to answer to mom when I go inside the house. Not knowing what to tell her I told a spontaneous lie that Uncle is very kind hearted and he is willing to wait till my education is complete. When she hugged me the thoughts of Rajeev hugging my mom came in front of my eyes and I felt bad about it. Even though if she agrees to it, it will not be whole heartedly. Those thoughts of Rajeev groping my mom’s naked breasts started giving me a erection.

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