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Since this is a “process addiction,” versus a chemical addiction, it is so hard for wives to understand. There are many different compartments so that he can divide his life up into separate components that don’t touch each other.

This lack of understanding can cause numerous misconceptions to be held as truths and can postpone healing. His marriage and family can be in one compartment, his job in another…you get the point.

I positioned the point of the vibrator upward so the tip was stimulating the underside of her clit while I used my other hand to gently pull back the hood to expose her clitoris then using my tongue I licked and kissed her clit from the top.She was so sexy lying there naked on the bed with her arms stretched out above her head framing her beautiful face.The faint hint of a smile graced her lips while her eyes remained closed enjoying the sensations of my attentions to her nipples. Not too hard.” She scolded playfully as she smiled and brought her right hand down to caress my cheek.She was gently rocking her hips up and down ever so slightly to meet the thrusts of an imaginary lover.I moved my mouth down her body planting wet kisses on her tummy and using the vibrator to lead my way to her pussy.

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