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By calling someone fat you're making a moral judgment.

Weight battle: Anne Diamond says it's easy to understand why fat women lose out in life It isn't just me. It's the ultimate insult, even if it's untrue - because it's not just about appearance.In other words, the absolute opposite of society's expectation of the ideal modern superwoman. shows that obesity and the cruel attitudes it engenders bites the female of the species even harder than the male.Anyone who's ever been fat knows that it's what people think. I stood on the scales on that despicable programme Celebrity Fit Club, while the patronising James Whitaker spat at me, 'You are pathetic! Even from a fattie like him, fattism is the last permissible prejudice in our politically correct world. The study, from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut, reports that fat women are more likely to lose out than fat men.I asked some of my online friends what was the worst thing about being fat.Their responses included 'Getting wedged in between my chair and the lecture table and not being able to move until everyone had left the room', and 'Splitting a pair of jeans I was trying on in a shop'.

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