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We got married at The Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

The hotel is incredible and the wedding was a true reflection of ourselves and a good balance between who we both are as individuals.

We were really grateful to work with such a good photography team – Ali.

G was a saviour, along with sweet duo from Bangkok called Love Dezign and the infamous videographers of The Wedding Filmer. I was however supposed to do a surprise dance as part of all the performances during the Reception but I hadn’t tried on my dress to practise in.

He gave me a proposal ring at Adam’s Peak, which was a diamond with a halo that he had specially made.

For the main ring, I used my Grandmother’s diamond which she had gifted me and designed it with a naturesque appeal. I didn’t find a single thing I loved in my first three weeks of wedding shopping in India.

I wasn’t on board with serving meat and we had a lot of arguments about this! In the end we agreed on a limited selection of non-vegetarian dishes and I created Grace Boards and Blessing cards for each meal that was served.

The process of joining the dots together in everything important which you want to express.

This was significant to me as Buddha’s footprints are imprinted on a stone at the top.

Before the first main event, I had a Tea Ceremony for all my bridesmaids and sisters. We gave out tins of organic red-tea grown by a farmer in Taiwan. I will always be so grateful as everything I wore was infinitely more special and was based on design decisions the two of us made together.

This was incredibly important to me and was a way of expressing my gratitude for all the connection and beauty each relationship holds. My Dad helped me handle so much of the pre-planning organisation and contractual negotiations – which is probably the least fun part.

When I did put it on that evening, it was so heavy I could barely move and panicked a bit with what to do.

I still ended up dancing, but just with limited movement, haha!

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