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Conflicts often escalate when one person can’t see the other’s side — and if you’ve ever stopped to take note, you’ll see that everyone has their own MO in an argument.Some withhold; others get passionate and insistent. Knowing how the people around you typically deal with hurt feelings and disagreements that can escalate a conflict can ultimately help you come to a quicker resolution.If the conflict is directed at you, you often shut down.Coming up with strategies for dealing with disagreements, and finding your voice in conflict, would serve you well into the future.

When you fight: When you can’t stifle your feelings any longer.

You can be fierce when it comes to what you value deeply, whether it’s protecting a significant other, or a cause that’s close to your heart.

Ultimately, though, it’s important to realize that the first time others see your feelings is usually the moment conflict begins.

If you don’t care about the conversation or debate, though? Speaking up sooner — when something is bugging you, before you start a fight — can help keep the peace for yourself and others.

When you fight: When you’ve been repressing your feelings too long.

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